Catholic social thought can help economy post-Covid

Christopher Lamb Economy of Francesco

The religious sister advising Pope Francis has called for a rethink of the economy in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Economy of Francesco, a virtual gathering of more than 2,000 young entrepreneurs and economists currently which is now underway, is part of Pope Francis’ attempts to build a more just and sustainable financial system.

One of the key figures behind the event is Sr Alessandra Smerilli, a 46-year-old Salesian sister, economist and adviser to the Pope. She sits on the governing council of the Vatican City State administration and was among the first women to be chosen as consulters to the Synod of Bishops’ office last year. Following the Coronavirus outbreak, Francis asked her to co-ordinate the economy task force on the Vatican’s Covid-19 commission.

The message is that there is a lot that needs to be changed,Sr Alessandra said in an interview with The Tablet about the Economy of Francesco event. Originally due to take place as a large in-person gathering in Assisi in March it was pushed back to November 19-21 and is being live-streamed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. (Read more on The Tablet)

Cari amici la rivista San Francesco e il sito sono da sempre il megafono dei messaggi di Francesco, la voce della grande famiglia francescana di cui fate parte.

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